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The 10 best free Apps to travel through Peru

The 10 best free Apps to travel through Peru

Without a doubt, technologies have changed the way people travel around the world. Now it is much easier to reach the places you want to visit, learn more about its history, etc. To make the most of the technology during your trip to Peru, here are the 10 best free Apps to travel through our country.

Peru Travel: if you are going to visit Peru, this is the first Apps you have to download. The Ministry of Tourism created this App where you will find a lot of information on topics of interest such as the destinations of our country, gastronomy, photo gallery…

Habla Quechua: on your trip to Peru you will not have any problem when communicating in Spanish or English, but many travelers like to learn Quechua words. For this purpose, you can download Habla Quechua, an App created by our Government in which you will find basic phrases to be able to communicate with people who speak this language (which are around 3 million in the whole country).

Peru Natural: Peru is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the entire planet. Its nature leaves astonished all those who visit us. For your trip to the natural areas of our country, we recommend you this App where you will find all the information about the nature of the coast, the mountains and the jungle.

Maps.me: maps are a must when traveling anywhere in the world. But normally, when we visit a foreign country, we do not have internet data, so we can not navigate traditional map Apps. If you want to use a map in an offline mode we recommend you download Maps.me, an App in which you will only have to download the map of the area you are going to visit and you can use it completely offline.

XE Currency: when we travel through countries that do not share the same currency as ours, we always have to be calculated to know how much everything costs. There are Apps such as XE Currency in which you can choose different currencies and change from one currency to another. Also, if you are offline, this App makes the change taking into account the last time you use it with the internet connection.

Booking: As you already know, this web page and App is perfect to find the best offers of hostels and hotels in the area that you are going to visit. But if you want to find the best price, we recommend you to compare what Booking offers you with other Apps like Agoda.

In addition, these Apps often give you discounts for sending an invitation to your friends to know them.

Kindle: if you plan to travel through Peru by bus, Kindle will be your best ally. The distances in this means of transport through our country are very long so there is nothing better than carrying a good book (or some good books) on your phone or tablet so that the hours do not get that long.


Redbus: also for traveling by bus, you can not miss Redbus App. In Peru, there are countless companies that offer bus routes and this App gathers the schedules of a large number of them and allows you to buy the tickets in the same App.

Tripadvisor: in Peru, you will find hundreds of restaurants where you can taste our delicious cuisine and sometimes is difficult to decide where to eat. For this reason, it is always good to have the advice of people from all over the world who have already visited us and on Tripadvisor, you will find all these recommendations.

You know, before visiting a restaurant, use this App and write the name of the restaurant: here you will see a hundred of comments of people, as well as the price, the best dishes, etc.

This also works for hotels, tourist attractions and all the places you can imagine.

Wikiloc: the favorite App for trekking and cycling routes lovers. Here you can find the route you want to do and you will find all the information about the difficulty of it, the number of kilometers, the grade… It is a very good App for those who visit Peru because in our country there are countless places to practice these sports.

360º Machu Picchu Train App: if you are going to travel to the Inca citadel in the 360º Machu Picchu Train of Inca Rail, apart from enjoying incredible panoramic views you can have fun with our onboard entertainment service. For this, you just have to put your phone in airplane mode, connect your WIFI and enter to www.mapitrain.com. The crew will give you the password and once on this website you can enjoy an interactive map that details the places the train go through, as well as access to electronic books, videos, games, music and much more.

As you can see, the trips are much more comfortable and complete with the technology in our hands. But, remember, traveling is enjoying the moment, so avoid the excessive use of cell phones and open your eyes to enjoy everything around you.