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The Best Travel Apps for you

The Best Travel Apps for you

Before you travel, have a plan!

Choose destinations that fit your budget, look for balance! Get in touch with locals, hotels or travel agencies. If you don’t know about the destination, consider these helpful Apps.

For your plans


  • Wherever you are, this app looks for paid and free activities to do with children or adults in the destination city.


For your stay


  • This App allows you to search for the best places to stay thanks to its large catalogue.
  • It is very safe since you have direct contact with the owner of the property.



  • Do you want to know how the weather is going to be in the city you are traveling? This App is for you.



  • You don’t need to connect to the internet… all you have to do is download the maps before you travel!


In destiny…

Unlimited internet


  • You will always be connected and will be able to discover the best activities around you.


Convert Me

  • It has 14 categories of conversion between degrees, measurements, temperature, currencies, etc.


First aid

  • The official App of the American Red Cross that provides information to manage the most common emergencies.
  • It features videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step tips.



Download all these Apps before you go on your trip.

Check to see if the country you are going to have medical conditions as a requirement (such as vaccinations, for example).


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