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Traveling around the world by bicycle

Traveling around the world by bicycle

Thinking about taking a bicycle trip should not be a problem, but before doing it you must consider many factors since it is not a daily task and requires preparation. First, consider having a good bicycle, optimal for long and various stretches, that this bicycle is maintained up to date and that your physique is as prepared as your bicycle. If you don’t think you’re ready yet, we recommend that you read our content with these bicycle travel tips.

What type of bike is suitable for a trip?

The most recommended bicycles are hybrid and trekking bicycles.

  1. Hybrid Bicycles

Those are Functional, fast and manageable. But not all have a rear rack for carrying saddlebags.

  1. Trekking Bicycles

Those are hardy, comfortable, stable and have durable components. But are heavy.


It is not necessary to be a great athlete. Pay attention to these tips:

  1. Don’t think about traveling without first training.

It’s not about making demands on yourself, just get organized and get into a daily routine.

  1. Eat healthy and rest well

You always need a healthy diet and more for an adventure like this.

  1. Prepare your mind for this adventure

The mind plays a very important role that will help you reach your goal.

  1. Assemble the best bicycle saddlebags

Consider the balance when distributing the weight while cycling.

  • Rear saddlebags: The minimum capacity is 40 liters.
  • Front saddlebags: The maximum is 20 liters of capacity.
  • Rear bag: It is placed on the grill and maximum with 30 liters.
  • Front bag: It is placed in front of the rudder and is used to carry things by hand.
  • Under-seat bag: Small and can be used to carry tools.

On this infographic, you’ll find some tips on what you should bring according to the weather and important features that your bike should have for your trip.


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