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What to pack? Useful checklist for your travel bag

What to pack? Useful checklist for your travel bag

Without a doubt, traveling is one of the most enjoyable hobbies, whether you go to the countryside or doing some extreme sports or maybe just getting a tan on the beach.

But, isn’t annoying that every time you travel you always forget something? Maybe some extra clothes, a phone charger, an SD card and goes on and on.

That happens because every trip is different, and you always have to pack new things, sometimes you will forget something important:

For the countryside: You can’t forget your sneakers, a flashlight, sunglasses and sunblock.

For the mountains: A sleeping bag, a tent, and some bug repellent are essentials.

For the jungle: Some light clothes because it’s usually hot in there and some repellent for the mosquitos

For the beach: you can’t forget your sunglasses, some sunblock to protect your skin and of course your swimwear.

The most common thing to do is to make a list that you can have on you and check it until the last moment.

Another useful advice is to not bring dead weight on your bags, you can always buy some small accessories during your trip.

On this infographic, you’ll find some tips on what you should bring according to the weather, destination, and objective of your trip. You can’t miss this info, have a safe trip!


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