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Find out all the traditions of Independence Day in Cusco

Find out all the traditions of Independence Day in Cusco

Every July 28, the streets of Peru fill with the celebration for the Independence Day. Like the rest of the country, Cusco fills these days with events that celebrate the country’s independence and, of course, with flags of Peru on each corner.

If you are lucky enough to travel during these days to Peru and specifically to Cusco, here we leave you some of the things you can do to enjoy the Peruvian Independence Day.

Gastronomy festivals

As you already know, Peruvian cuisine is one of the country’s greatest pride. For this reason, the Independence Day also celebrates the excellence of our food. In Cusco, the days before July 28 (the date of independence), the celebrate various gastronomic festivals in which you can enjoy Cusco dishes and meet others from around the country. A way to travel through Peru without leaving the imperial city.


In Peru, we live all the festivities with parades that show the great diversity of dances and music of the country. If you arrive in Cusco during the Independence Day, you will surely come across one of these parades full of joy, history, and color. In these days there are several associations that come together to celebrate, so you can enjoy both old music and the most modern groups in the country.

Military parade

Another of the characteristic events of the Peruvian Independence Day are the military parades. During these days, the military of the country makes parades, but, the most curious thing is that the schools in the area also carry out a kind of military march led by children.

Hoisting the flag

bandera_inca_railThe Peruvians show a great admiration for their flag, especially during July. When this month begins, the streets of the country, the houses, and even the cars shine the red and white with great pride. In Cusco a special celebration takes place with the hoisting of the national flag in the Plaza de Armas.

Religious events

Like the whole country, the people of Cusco are deeply rooted in the Catholic religion. That is why during these days you can see different religious celebrations like the Eucharist which opens the festivities and which celebrato the fulfillment of one more year as an independent nation.

Machu Picchu

What better to celebrate the Independence Day than visiting one of the best places in our country? As in Cusco, during this days you can enjoy different events in Machu Picchu Pueblo, so if you are in this place you can also live the Peruvian celebrations and close with a flourish the 28th July: visiting the incredible citadel of Machu Picchu.

Night party

Cusco is known among the inhabitants of Peru for being one of the cities with the best nightlife in the whole country. In the Independence Day, the imperial city is especially full as national tourists take advantage of these holidays to travel. That is why the Cusco night during Independence Day is, if possible, more fun.

We suggest you start the night in a very Peruvian way: with a pisco sour in any of the bars you’ll find in the Plaza de Armas and its surroundings. Then, if you want to continue celebrating the independence of Peru, you have a million options of nightclubs that remain open until the first hours of the morning.

Train to Cusco

Of course, in Inca Rail, we also celebrate these days with special enthusiasm. For this reason, people traveling on our First Class trains during Fiestas Patrias will receive special details such as pisco sour for free and enjoy live music.