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Live the mysticism and the energy of Cusco on your way to Machu Picchu

Live the mysticism and the energy of Cusco on your way to Machu Picchu

With the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, the Catholic religion was established in Cusco. However, the Andean mysticism of pre-Hispanic cultures left a great mark on the Imperial City and its inhabitants celebrate a lot of this traditions nowadays.

You can see this when you walk around Cusco and its surroundings. For example, if you make a trek, on the way you will find the famous apachetas, clusters of stones piled one on top of other that are made as thanksgiving to the Pachamama or Mother Earth.

This and many other traditions make Cusco a place full of mysticism and energy that attract every year hundreds of tourists interested in this hidden side of the city. Would you like to explore the most spiritual places of Cusco and be part of its rites? Here we tell you how and where you can do it!


Go through the most mystic Cusco

The pre-Hispanic cultures that inhabited the region of Cusco felt a deep respect for the Pachamama and studied it thoroughly. For this reason, their day to day was governed around Mother Earth, developing hundreds of rituals that Andean residents currently conserve and practice.

Being part of these rituals will make you discover the most mystical side of Cusco and recharge your energy, since, according to the shamans, in this city and its surroundings there are great sources of energy emanation that will connect you with nature and with yourself.

To enjoy these traditions to the fullest, in Cusco there are many tourist agencies that offer sacred retreats of one or several days in the mountains, surrounded by the silence of nature and with Andean communities specialized in this subject.


What mystical activities will you find in these tours?

On your mystical journey through Cusco you can choose between different activities. These are just some of them!

Coca leaves reading: if you believe that the destination is written, you have to discover the Andean tarot. It is done by coca leaves, which are used by Peruvian shamans to read the future of people. Would you like to know yours?


Payment to the Earth: the inhabitants of the Andean zone of Peru perform various rituals of gratitude to the Pachamama, but the best known is the Payment to the Earth. This event is held every year on August 1 and is repeated throughout the month, since, according to experts, is the time in which Mother Earth is thirsty and hungry and we must feed her, so she continue providing her better products.


Baths of flowering: for all those who want to get rid of the bad past experiences, Andean mysticism also offers flowering baths. It is a ritual in which local flowers, perfumes and songs are used to expel bad energies and have a new start in your life.

Likewise, they also made baths with water coming from places considered sacred by the Andean mysticism.


Ceremony of the 4 elements: earth, fire, air and water are the main elements of this ritual that aims to purify our body and connect with nature. As the shamans explain, they use fire and wind to expel fears, water to clean the negative energy and earth to connect with your roots.


Yoga: in the last years, the practice of yoga has spread to corners around the world. And what better than a place full of energy to practice it? The tourist agencies of Cusco offer retreats in different points of the Andes, where you can practice this sport with the help of a yoga teacher, who will help you to connect with nature to the fullest.


Community tourism: another great way of knowing the most mystical customs and traditions of Cusco is by entering directly into their lives through community tourism. This type of trips allows tourists to spend a few days in the house of a family, usually in rural areas, where they can learn about their day-to-day life and immerse themselves in each of their customs.


Machu Picchu: we can not speak of mysticism in Cusco without mentioning Machu Picchu. The Incas carried out this construction in a sacred place, for this reason many people believe that our Wonder of the World has a special energy. If you want to feel the energy of Machu Picchu in all its splendor, go to the Intihuatana and the Sacred Rock, the two points of the citadel where you can experience this feeling to the fullest.


If you also believe that man is totally connected with nature, come and visit Cusco and be part of the incredible Andean mysticism!