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The Blessing of Traveling

The Blessing of Traveling

Holy Week is commemorated in most countries of the world, remembering the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What is attractive and enriching about these feasts is that each city or town has a particular way of celebrating these dates, combining their traditions with the Christian religion.

Get to know the best destinations to live a religious experience like never before.


Mount Tai, Shandong – China

Considered one of the most beautiful places in the world

– It was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO to protect the mountain.

It’s one of the 5 sacred mountains of Taoism and has been visited for 2,000 years.



– You have to climb 6,600 stone steps in approximately 7 hours.

– The first hours you climb up to the door of the Middle Way to Heaven.

The next 3 hours you have to reach the summit of the mountain.


Cusco – Peru

The Holy Week in Cusco is celebrated approximately one month.

– These dates acquire diverse expressions, according to their customs and traditions.

– The indigenous traditions and the Christian religion are mixed.


Easter Monday

– It is the central day and it is when the Jury Patron of Cusco, the Lord of the Tremors, leaves in procession.


Hellín, Albacete – Spain

A very important feature

– It is known as “The City of the Drum” because of the 20,000 musicians playing the drum.

– Dressed in a black tunic and a handkerchief around their necks, the musicians redouble during the party.


The most eagerly awaited moment is about to begin

– The first performance of the “tamborines” (drummers) is on Holy Wednesday at 3 pm.

– The drums begin to be heard on Thursday at midnight until Friday afternoon.


San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mexico

Here indigenous tradition blends with Christianity in one of the country’s most exotic cultural celebrations.


A particular ceremony with Judas of San Juan Chamula

– Judas is in the municipal jail and the police are in charge of getting him out of there.

– He is taken to the square in front of the church, where he is sprayed with gasoline and set on fire.


Our recommendations

  1. If you are traveling with children, do not forget all the permissions you need in case the parents do not travel with the child.
  2. Strictly follow the Foreign Affairs Health Recommendations, as some countries require vaccinations.

The blessing of traveling

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