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The enigma between Inca and Egyptian culture

The enigma between Inca and Egyptian culture

The distance between the two civilizations is more than 9,000 kilometers and yet there are many similarities that can challenge any hypothesis in our time. The techniques and customs that unite these two powerful cultures are diverse. Both are united by the same characteristics and in remote times, known as the Victorian era (1837-1901), it was held that both cultures can be descendants of the same father, called “Atlantis”. Plato told about the existence of a mythical island, located beyond the columns of Hercules, corroborating the existence of this father. Today this theory is rejected by historians today, however, the enigma is still latent.


Let us see the great similarities between these two cultures:

The Llamas and the camels

    • Were useful for transportation.
    • The llama was sacred, as it was used for sacrifices



    • They built stepped pyramids aligned with the cardinal points. 
    • In addition, they had a great eagerness to reach the perfection in their works.


Similar jewelry  

    • They adorned their dead with gold accessories with animals at the ends.
    • The animals symbolized balanced power, peace, and eternity.



    • Mummification symbolized life beyond death. 
    • Crossing the arms of the mummies showed a state of equilibrium. 


In both religions the sun symbolized a deity. 

In Egypt it is called “Ra” and in Peru “The Sun God”.


Temple of 3 doors

    • They symbolized a balance of our temporal being and eternity. 
    • A current phenomenon used by architects of Gothic cathedrals and Masons. 

The enigma between Inca and Egyptian culture

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