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The History and Homage of The Lord of Torrechayoc

The History and Homage of The Lord of Torrechayoc

The month of May always fills Cusco with great religious events. After the celebration of the Cruz Velacuy on May 3rd, the devotees from Cusco get together to commemorate the Lord of Torrechayoc.

If you plan on visiting Cusco on June 9th, you can be part of this festivity! Here is some information about The Lord of Torrechayoc’s story, customs and traditions that take place during this day.


How did the celebration of The Lord of Torrechayoc originate?


According to history, the origins of this festival go back to 1860, when a group of devotees placed a cross in an area of Cusco completely surrounded by snow. In this place, they celebrated a mass in honor of the new cross and to inaugurate a stretch of road that led from Urubamba to Lares.

Over the years, there were several inhabitants of this area who claimed to have heard voices as they passed by the cross. All these testimonies were the same: the Lord spoke to them about the intense cold he was suffering in that place.

Upon hearing this, the parish priest of the nearest community ordered to relocate  the cross to Urubamba, where The Lord of Torrechayoc achieved such fame that he was named patron of the province.

Since then, in the months of May or June (the date varies), hundreds of people gather in this region of Cusco to celebrate a great festivity in honor of The Lord of Torrechayoc. Would you like to be part of it? Keep reading and discover all of the activities that take place during these days!


What activities are carried out in the celebration of The Lord of Torrechayoc?


This festival is celebrated in Urubamba and there are activities for almost a month; however, there is a central day, which is the most important. During this year, the great day of The Lord of Torrechayoc is on June 9th and different events will take place from May 31st to June 23rd.

Here are the most important activities of each date. Don’t hesitate to experience  one of the most famous traditions of Urubamba!


Friday, May 31st: pilgrimage to the Abra de Sicllaccasa.

Sunday, June 2nd: loaders haul.

Friday, June 7th: change of wardrobe of The Lord of Torrechayoc.

Saturday, June 8th: folkloric parade at the Nogalpampa Municipal Stadium.

Sunday, June 9th: Central day. This is the main day where there are: parades, masses, typical dances, lots of food and much more! Without a doubt, it is the best moment to enjoy this celebration!

Monday, June 10th: bullfight and snack.

Sunday, June 16th: octave and bullfight.

Sunday, June 23rd: Hermandad de Cargadores haul.


How to get to Urubamba from Cusco?

Urubamba is one of the most important towns in the entire department of Cusco. Here, you will find incredible tourist places such as the house of Martin Pio Concha and the Church of San Pablo, both colonial architecture constructions. Additionally, Urubamba is very close to the Moray ruins and Salinas de Maras; so, if you plan to visit The Lord of Torrechayoc, take advantage of enjoying the rest of the tourist places!

Urubamba is located 58 km/36 mi north of Cusco in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In the Pavitos Street of the Imperial City you will find several minivans that take this route every day and with many different schedules. To get to Urubamba, the minivan will cross two delightful towns: Chincheros and Poroy, where you can also make a stop and visit amazing spots.

You will also find in downtown Cusco different travel agencies that offer tours to Urubamba. If you prefer a more comfortable trip with a tour guide, this is the best option!

There are always a million places to explore and customs and traditions to discover in Cusco. Don’t waste any more time and come check out one of the most exciting cultures in the world!