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Things to See in Cusco

Things to See in Cusco

In Quechua, Qosqo, means “navel of the world,” and for that reason (and many more) the capital of the Inca Empire represents a magnificent destination for all types of travelers. Here we give you some ideas of things to see in Cusco that you won’t want to miss during your exploration of this extraordinary city.

If you wonder what things to see in Cusco, let the city’s streets, diverging into curious passages, lead you. Whether you are looking to find colorful textiles or regional fruits and aromas, visiting the San Pedro Market can be a great starting point. Built in 1925 and regarded as the oldest market in the city, this colonial-style market  occupies an entire block long and reflects the true spirit of Cusco. Stalls line every inch of the indoor market, with vendors offering potatoes, flowers, crafts and just about everything in between.

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After you’ve stock up on gifts and mementos from the market, treat yourself to a stroll through the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art (MAP Cusco). Located in the Plazoleta Las Nazarenas, just a few steps from the Plaza de Armas, the museum is housed in the emblematic Casa Cabrera. Visitors will travel back some three thousand years with the exhibit of nearly 400 pre-Inca and Inca pieces. While there, meander through the beautiful courtyard where you will find the MAP Café, one of the most attractive cafes in the city.

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Finally, if you are still wondering what to see in Cusco, tour through some of the most iconic streets in the city. Curiously enough, they all start with the number seven. Start with the Seven Snakes alley and discover the seven reptiles engraved on each side of the Inca stone walls. Once the street of lovers, Seven Devils is another picturesque passageway with a stone path that narrows as commuters advance. Finally, to keep balance, stroll down the Seven Angels passage. Seven angels are in fact painted on the roof of a house on this street, however there is more than one entertaining story and set of figures to be found here.