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Earn LATAM Pass KMS with Inca Rail

Earn LATAM Pass KMS with Inca Rail

At Inca Rail we have taken a kilometer step for the benefit of all our travelers: we have allied with LATAM Airlines to allow all LATAM Pass members to accumulate kilometers when they travel on our trains.

As you read it! From now on you can enjoy the best experience traveling to Machu Picchu and add at the same time kilometers to your One World loyalty program.

How to earn LATAM Pass KMS with Inca Rail?

It’s very simple! You earn one (1) kilometer LATAM Pass for every dollar ($ 1) of purchase in our Inca Rail train services.

These kilometers will be credited to your account within the 60 calendar days after the date of your trip, that is, once you have enjoyed the trip by train.

Who can enjoy LATAM Pass with Inca Rail?

This benefit can be enjoyed by all LATAM Pass members who provide their member number and ID number with which they joined the LATAM Pass program at the time of purchase.

The accumulation, exchange, use and other conditions applicable to the LATAM Pass kilometers are governed under the LATAM Pass regulation published on https://www.latam.com/es_pe/latam-pass/

If you have any doubt or inconvenience with the use or accumulation of LATAM Pass KMS with Inca Rail you can write to this email: tcalluchi@incarail.com or contact our telephone number: 51-084-581860. You can also visit our website www.incarail.com