Sustainable Tourism



We are a company that is committed to sustainable tourism, drawing on policies that focus on those activities to which we can contribute as a company and a group of people.

Promoting and contributing to initiatives oriented towards the preservation of Peru's cultural heritage
Participating in social assistance initiatives or activities in the communities where we operate, namely Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu, especially those aimed at improving the quality of life and educational opportunities of children and young people.
Promoting and supporting initiatives oriented towards improving education for local people, especially on issues related to the tourist industry, so as to generate better opportunities for the citizens of Peru, including our employees.
Participating and supporting initiatives that seek to make a positive impact on the image and appearance of the places where we operate, including the settlements of Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu and the routes we cover during our everyday operations.
Doing everything in our power to reduce the environmental impact of our actions, and to actively protect Peru’s flora, fauna and natural resources. This includes:

a.- Energy-saving and responsible use of resources
b.- Waste reduction
c.- Non-contamination of rivers and soil
d.- Non-use of products that may be harmful to human health
e.- Respect for animals
Promoting responsible employment giving priority to local people and championing professional development within a healthy working environment, characterised by:

a.- Respect for people
b.- respect for cultural and social differences
c.- respect for workers' rights
d.- honesty
e.- personal and professional ethics
f .- loyalty to the company and to colleagues
g.- teamwork
Assuring exemplary entrepreneurial practices, promoting formality, compliance with governing standards, formal employment and tax payment.


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