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World’s Most Unusual Hotels

World’s Most Unusual Hotels

There are many people who love to travel, for fun, adventure or rest, staying in hotels according to their needs of trip or personal tastes. And, if we talk about tastes, we all have clear that in the world there are infinite interests that lead from the conventional to the strangest, and if you are one of them, this is an article you will love.

Therefore, we decided to leave you a list of the unique hotels in the world that might interest you.


Kakslauttanen Hotel & Igloo Village, Finland

Known as “The Igloo Village”, where you will enjoy winter in a different way sleeping in real igloos or glass igloos where you can observe the northern lights at night. Definitely a spectacular experience.


Karosta Hotel, Latvia

Installed in the former Karosta military jail, it is ideal for those seeking an authentic experience sleeping in real prisons on floor mattresses or on a jail bed. The best thing about this experience is that you can be treated and punished as a real prisoner.


Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji Islands

It is located approximately 30 meters below sea level in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is a resort with luxury suites that have floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to enjoy a spectacular view of corals and underwater life.


Natura Vive Skylodge Adventure Suites, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco, Peru

Its rooms are glass capsules that are suspended on a mountain through which you will have a panoramic view of the Sacred Valley, making it the only lodge in the world with these characteristics.


Magic Mountain Lodge, Huilo Huilo, Chile

The structure of this lodge simulates a natural mountain located in the middle of the forest. And it has a waterfall that falls from its summit.

In addition to enjoying a new lodging experience you can practice canopy, cycling, trekking or hiking.


Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Canada

It has three spherical wooden rooms that are hanging from the trees where you can enjoy nature.

Below, we share an infographic with more interesting facts about these unusual hotels.


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