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Terms and Conditions

Through these conditions, INCA RAIL, in its capacity as operator; and the CLIENT, in their capacity as passenger (adult or minor, in this case represented by an adult), enter into this public rail contract of carriage for passengers.

  1. General Conditions
    • Inca Rail agrees to transport the passenger to their destination with the amenities of the class corresponding to the class of service purchased.
    • Passengers are transported to their destination upon payment of the travel ticket which, as of issuance and acquisition, represents agreement ON THE PART OF EACH PASSENGER to be bound to the terms and conditions herein, and their declaration to accept these conditions unconditionally and without reservation.
    • No agent, operator, representative and/or official, or third person, has the power or the capacity to modify, restrict or extend the terms of this contract.
    • This contract of carriage is subject to Peruvian law, in particular to the rules of the General Railways Regulation, as amended, and related regulations.
  2. Booking and ticket purchase
    • To make use of the rail transport service, passengers must present a valid travel ticket, which must meet the following conditions:
      1. Must be complete, without erasures or tears, legible, and with the boarding pass attached.
      2. Must not be altered, defaced, or improperly issued, whether modified or falsified.
      3. The nominal value stated on the ticket must have been fully paid for prior to boarding the train.
    • In general, all children aged between 0 and 12 years old require a ticket for travel. However, adult passengers traveling with children aged 0 to 36 months may request exemption from payment of a ticket for that child provided that they are carried by an adult child passenger for the duration of the journey. To do so, the passenger must show the child’s ID card or passport at any of our ticket offices at least one hour before the departure time of the train. For security reasons a single adult passenger is permitted to carry only one child aged between 0 and 36 months. If the case of an adult passenger traveling with two children aged between 0 and 36 months, the second child will be assigned a seat and a child fare ticket must therefore be purchased, with only the first child entitled to travel free of cost.
    • Passengers are responsible for verifying the information displayed on their travel ticket to ensure it does not contain errors that cannot be rectified after purchase. Accordingly, passengers are asked to carefully review their tickets and to contact Inca Rail staff immediately should any errors be found.
    • Inca Rail reserves the right to confiscate, at its sole discretion, any ticket that does not meet its conditions of validity as described herein, or which is unduly presented by any person other than the passenger as shown on the ticket.
    • Inca Rail reserves the right to cancel tickets paid by credit card and/or bank transfers in cases where payment is not recognized and the service has not been provided in full.
  3. Purchases through our website
    • Under this agreement, the payment processing services for goods and/or services purchased on this website are provided by INCA RAIL EUROPE B.V and INCA RAIL EUROPA LIMITED on behalf of INCA RAIL SAC, depending on the type of payment method used for the purchase of the goods and/or services. In the event you choose to pay with credit card and the payment will be processed via a European Acquirer, these terms are an agreement between you and INCA RAIL EUROPE B.V (DR. WILLEM DREESWEG 2, SUITE 194A, 1185 VB AMSTELVEEN, THE NETHERLANDS), as well as INCA RAIL EUROPA LIMITED U.K (DALTON HOUSE, 60 WINDSOR AVENUE, LONDON, ENGLAND, SW19 2RR, Phone EU: 800-007-930). For any other type of purchases, these terms are an agreement between you and INCA RAIL SAC and goods and/or services will be delivered by INCA RAIL SAC directly.
    • After making a purchase, passengers will be e-mailed a receipt of payment by way of confirmation. Passengers must verify the details relating to ticket(s) purchased, purchase amount, and the booking code, and use this voucher to collect their ticket at any of the INCA RAIL sales counters.
    • Tickets purchased can be collected at any of our ticket counters located at Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu train stations or at our sales office located in the Plaza de Armas, Portal de Panes Street 105, from ten days prior to the date of travel and up to 30 minutes before the departure of the train. To do so, the holder of the credit card used to make the purchase must present their ID card, the printed voucher purchase, and the credit card itself. Tickets will not be given to third parties. When collecting their tickets, passengers must bring the printed voucher and all relevant details pertaining to the booking.
    • Purchasing through our website does not allow seats to be chosen, so Inca Rail will make every effort to seat together those passengers whose tickets were acquired in a single booking. However, this is strictly on the basis of availability of seats, with no contractual obligation to Inca Rail.
    • Fraudulent, false and/or improperly used bookings are prohibited and will be cancelled. Bookings and/or purchases of this kind correspond to any of the following cases:
      1. Credit card payments not authorized by the cardholder.
      2. Altered tickets, in which the passenger‘s details are changed in order to obtain a cheaper fare than that to which they are entitled; that is, where an attempt is made to pass off regular adult tickets as child or guide tickets.
      3. Altered tickets, in which the passenger‘s identity is changed in an attempt to replace the person named on the ticket.
    • Inca Rail reserves the right to report to any of the situations described above to the competent authorities.
    • The Passenger may request the postponement of the travel date or the cancellation of the service at least 24 hours in advance at the time set for the start of the service, in both cases INCA RAIL will charge 10% for the value of the travel ticket.
  4. Passenger obligations before and during boarding
    • Passengers are advised to arrive at the corresponding station well in advance - at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
    • Adults and minors represented by an adult must present their tickets and the corresponding ID/ passport to board the train.
    • If the Passenger has special needs and requires assistance for the transfer, you must request this service at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, either through the call center, web page, or by writing to the email consultas@incarail.com
    • Passengers must only board or disembark from the train when instructed to do so by Inca Rail.
    • Passengers must not board the train drunk or under the influence of drugs, or carrying flammable materials, explosives, weapons or other objects that endanger the crew, or whose size, volume, weight or other characteristics may inconvenience passengers. Inca Rail will not allow individuals in this state or carrying such items to board.
    • INCA RAIL reserves the right to restrict boarding to people who perform acts that alter order, decorum or good customs.
    • Passengers must follow the instructions given by INCA RAIL staff.
    • No smoking is permitted within the carriages or in any public space inside the stations, pursuant to Law 29517, amending Law 29517 28705, which prohibits smoking in indoor and enclosed public places and on and form of public transport. Where breach of this requirement is proven, the offending passenger will be required to pay a penalty of US $ 1,000.00 (one thousand and 00/100 US dollars) by way of compensation.
    • Inca Rail reserves the right to deny boarding to those people whose health is delicate and unsuited to travelling, as well as women at an advanced stage of pregnancy (at or beyond seven months). Inca Rail will not accept liability for the health or physical condition of any passengers, or for any accidents or problems that may occur as a result of their condition.
    • Passengers wishing to travel with a pet should request this service 48 hours in advance of travel at the offices of Inca Rail, at a cost of US $ 50.00 per animal. No breeds or species considered dangerous, or animals which behave aggressively towards other passengers during the boarding process, will be allowed on board. Owners will be liable for any damage to the train or harm to passengers caused by their pets. Individuals with visual impairments who require the use of a trained guide animal may travel with it free of charge.
  5. Release of liability
    • INCA RAIL assumes no liability or responsibility for any reasonably necessary or inevitable changes, delays, or unscheduled stops that may occur before, during or after the start of the contracted services, or for the results of any actions, omissions or any other events, acts or circumstances arising from:
      1. Any reasons not attributable to Inca Rail consisting of an extraordinary, unforeseeable and unstoppable event that prevents the execution of the service.
      2. Adverse weather conditions, technical reasons, route conditions or acts of God.
    • In the cases specified in the preceding paragraph, Inca Rail reserves the right to re-route its trains after notifying the client, to substitute the mode of transport medium with an alternative, or to move passengers to a service differing from that purchased in order to complete the passenger transportation service to the point destination. RAIL INCA does not assume any liability for any such changes caused by unforeseen events. In the event of any of these situations the company promises to refund any applicable price difference but not the entire value of the ticket.
    • The passenger transport service offered by Inca Rail is provided independently and autonomously; therefore, INCA RAIL will not be held liable to the customer or third parties for any delays or failure to make connections to ongoing modes of transport, or for any inability to exercise the rights to which passengers may be entitled as part of contracts entered into with hotels, restaurants, travel agencies or any other person or company.
    • Failure on the part of passengers to arrive at the station prior to the train’s departure time for any reason will result in the loss of the contracted service, and passengers will not be entitled to any refund, reimbursement, or change of date; therefore, Inca Rail assumes no liability for any failure by passengers to arrive at the station for reasons attributable to them.
  6. Luggage
    • Passengers are responsible for taking due care of their luggage before boarding and disembarking from the train. Any loss of hand or other luggage in the station or elsewhere outside the train will be the sole responsibility of the passenger, and INCA RAIL will accept no responsibility or liability thereto.
    • INCA RAIL carriages / vans do not have luggage racks on board. Each travel ticket entitles its bearer to board the train / vans with only one piece of hand luggage (backpack, handbag, or briefcase) weighing no more than 08 kg/17 lb and with dimensions of no more 46 linear inches / 118 linear cm (height + length + width).
    • Inca Rail will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to valuables inside passenger‘s luggage
  7. Custody Service
    • Inca Rail offers the Baggage Custody Service to train service users. The user accepts the terms and conditions of our Baggage Custody Service.
      When delivering the luggage in custody to Inca Rail the user declares that he/she is the owner of the baggage provided. Likewise, when delivering the baggage, the user declares that he/she has read and accepted the terms and conditions contained in this document, as well as those contained in our commercial terms and conditions (the ones that are further described in our website: https://incarail.com

      Meaning of the terms used in this contract:

      1. Custody Service: refers to the baggage custody service offered by Inca Rail to the user.
      2. Inca Rail: Is the Custody Service provider.
      3. User: Is the beneficiary of the Custody Service provided by Inca Rail.

      The Baggage Custody Service consists in storing and safeguarding in our warehouses the luggage of the User. This service will be rendered only and exclusively during the time of the User's journey to Machu Picchu Pueblo and return to the town of Ollantaytambo, and for a period of no more than thirty (30) calendar days from the date of delivery proposed by the User for his/her luggage/packages.


      When leaving the luggage/packages, the User must declare the contents of each baggage.

      The User declares to know and accept that he/she will not leave in custody baggage which content is prohibited according to the provisions of section 5 of this document.

      The Custody Service of Inca Rail will only accept up to (indicate the number in digits) (indicate the number in letters) of baggage per User. In addition, each of the User's baggage must comply with the following maximum dimensions (high + width + long).

      Each baggage must have a lock (or security mechanism) that prevents it to be opened by a person other than the User.

      It is INCA RAIL's right, at its sole discretion, not to accept a baggage if it verifies that it does not comply with the conditions contained in this document.

      In addition, INCA RAIL may request the User to open his/her baggage in order to verify compliance with the conditions contained in this document.


      The following items will not be accepted for the Custody Service:

      1. Baggage containing flammable or perishable materials, exhaling odors or that may cause deterioration of the infrastructure or damage to other baggage/packages deposited.
      2. Money, jewelry, precious metals, business samples or documents and objects with a joint value greater than US$ 100.00 (One Hundred Dollars of the United States of America).
      3. Baggage in bad condition may be rejected.

      The opening hours is from Monday to Sunday, from 06:00 hours to 00:00 hours.


      The Baggage Custody Service is managed by Inca Rail staff.

      The staff is obliged to comply with and enforce the rules related to the exercise of the Baggage Custody Service.

      The staff is prevented from collecting charges corresponding to the Custody Service.


      For safety issues, unauthorized staff is not allowed to enter the place where the Custody Service is provided.

      Only the Police or State or Local security bodies may enter, as long as the request is motivated in writing and for security reasons.


      At the time of reception of the baggage, the collaborator will comply with the following steps:

      1. The person in charge of the Custody Service shall request the travel ticket to the User to verify if he/she is a user of our train service.
      2. The person in charge of the Custody Service shall enter the No. of ticket in the system and User data.
      3. The person in charge of the Custody Service will enter the No. of pieces left in charge of the custody of Inca Rail.
      4. The system will print for each baggage, two (2) stickers that will have the same number and information.
      5. The first sticker shall be stuck to the baggage.
      6. The baggage must have a lock; otherwise, a security seal shall be use.
      7. The second baggage will be delivered to the User so he/she may pick up the baggage and the number of the security seal will be placed.
      8. The date of delivery of the baggage according to the system.

      At the time of delivery of the baggage, the collaborator shall comply with the following steps:

      1. The person in charge of the Custody Service shall request the sticker of the baggage delivered by Inca Rail for its collection.
      2. The return shall be made according to the number and stickers placed on each of the baggage.
      3. The User shall give the conformity of the reception of the baggage, checking its content.

      The User states that once his/her baggage withdraws from the Custody Service must be according to the conditions of said service.

      1. The User shall present a copy of the passport and copy of the tickets to search in the system the record of the baggage.
      2. Shall state a record of the baggage.

      Inca Rail is not responsible for any damage and normal wear of the baggage entered in the Custody service.

      Inca Rail shall not be liable for damages or loses, force majeure causes and/or natural event such as, for example, earthquakes, flood, etc.

      In addition, in case of loss, Inca Rail shall not be liable for content not declared by the user and/or that does not complies with the provisions contained in this document.


      After thirty (30) calendar days from the date of delivery proposed by the User, unclaimed baggage shall be understood as abandoned.

      In that sense, the User declares that once the term described in the preceding clause has passed, it authorizes Inca Rail to proceed with the sale and/or destruction and/or retention of the baggage and their contents. The User declares to be aware of the scope of this clause, reason why he waives any right to reimbursement or compensation for the same.

  8. Loss of travel ticket
    • In case of loss or theft of the original physical travel ticket, INCA RAIL can issue a new copy on request and presentation of ID by the passenger. To this end, the passenger must present their ID at any INCA RAIL ticket counters located at Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu train stations. As a condition for issuing a new ticket, the passenger must make this request at least 60 minutes prior to the train’s departure or they will lose the contracted service.
  9. Transfer or postponement of travel tickets
    • Passengers may transfer their travel ticket to another duly identified individual or postpone their trip, provided that they request this change no less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the travel time and date. To do so, they must go to the INCA RAIL sales office located in Portal de Panes, Plaza de Armas, Cusco, within the established opening hours, and present the original ticket or receipt of payment. The transfer process must be carried out in person; the original passenger is required to sign a credit note prior to proceeding with the cancellation of the ticket and the issuance of a new one bearing the new passenger name or date of travel. The expenses incurred in the reimbursement process, equivalent to 10% of the ticket’s face value, will be borne in full by the passenger.
      In the event that the ticket has been acquired through a travel agency or another business, the cancellation of the original ticket must by requested by the company in question. To this end, a representative thereof is required to go to our office to sign and stamp the credit note within the period established above.
  10. Service cancellation by passengers
    • Passengers may request cancellation of service usage no less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the travel time and date. To this end, they must go to the INCA RAIL sales office located in Portal de Panes, Plaza de Armas, Cusco, within the established opening hours and present the original ticket or receipt of payment. This process must be carried out in person; the passenger is required to sign a credit note prior to proceeding with the refund of the amount paid via the same method as that originally used for payment: either in cash or through payment to a credit card account. The expenses incurred in the reimbursement process, equivalent to 10% of the ticket’s face value, will be borne in full by the passenger.
      In the event that the ticket has been purchased through a travel agency or other legal reason, the cancellation of the original ticket must be requested by the acquiring company, for which a representative of said company must appear at our offices to sign and seal the credit note within the established term lines above. In addition, in such cases, the money will be returned by bank transfer or non-negotiable check payable to the company name on the ticket. Purchases and / or reservations purchased with promotional rate do not allow name changes, date changes, schedules, frequencies and / or money back. In no case will returns be made in cash.
  11. LATAM Pass
      1. Accumulation of LATAM Pass Miles valid from October 01, 2018 to December 31, 2021.
      2. Not valid for purchases by travel agencies.
      3. LATAM Pass members accumulate 01 Mile LATAM Pass for each one (01) dollar purchase on their train tickets.
      4. Does not apply on purchases of packages.
      5. Accumulation valid only for LATAM Pass members. Customers who are not yet LATAM Pass members can register at https://www.latam.com/es_pe/apps/personas/customerportal/, up to the last day of the month of their trip.
      6. The LATAM Pass Miles will be credited to the member's account within 60 calendar days after the date of travel.
      7. In case your earned miles are not credited to your account, you will be entitled to request the accumulation within 180 days after the date of the tranche, for which you must submit the scanned payment receipt to the email: consultas@incarail.com
      8. The means of payment applicable will be established by Inca Rail, and will be previously communicated by them. The credit notes do not apply for this promotion.
      9. The benefit applies only to LATAM Pass members who provide their membership number and identity document number with which they joined the LATAM Pass program at the time of purchase.
      10. It is not valid for corporate sales.
      11. The accreditation of the LATAM Pass Miles will be granted to the holder of the card with which the purchase of train tickets was made.
      12. The accumulation, exchange, use and other conditions applicable to the LATAM Pass Miles are governed by the LATAM Pass regulation published at https://www.latam.com/es_pe/latam-pass/
      13. For more information, contact the center 51-084-581860 or visit https://incarail.com
  12. Servicios Adicionales
    • Additional services that consist of: Entrance ticket to the Machupichu citadel, CONSETUR bus, guided service, accommodation, services other than rail transport, are subject to the terms and conditions of the providers / institutions of each service, for which we request you access the websites of the providers of each service or contact them directly.

      Inca Rail is not responsible for the commercial conditions provided by the operators of the contracted services.
      1. El Boleto
        1. El boleto de ingreso a Machupicchu podrá ser reservado y/o adquirido a través de la página web: www.machupicchu.gob.pe y en las oficinas autorizadas de la Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Cusco, en adelante “DDC-Cusco”.
        2. Para la compra de los boletos en las oficinas, los visitantes deberán presentar los siguientes documentos en original: Pasaporte, DNI, carné de extranjería o cédula diplomática.
        3. El boleto de ingreso es valido solo para la fecha que fue adquirida, no está permitido el cambio de fecha ni de nombre del titular del boleto de Ingreso.
        4. La DDC-Cusco no dará rembolsos o devoluciones salvo situaciones de fuerza mayor que impidan la llegada e ingreso de los visitantes a Machupicchu.
        5. Solo si la DDC-Cusco cancela los ingresos a los recintos arqueológicos, el titular del boleto y/o el agente de viaje tiene el derecho de exigir un reembolso de la tarifa pagada, devolución que procederá única e indefectiblemente con la presentación del boleto original.
        6. La venta de boletos de ingreso a Machupicchu para estudiantes, solamente se realizará en forma presencial en las oficinas de reservas ubicadas en la calle Garcilaso S/N y en la calle Maruri 340 del Centro Histórico del Cusco, así como en la oficina de reservas del Centro Cultural de Machupicchu Pueblo, previa presentación del carne universitario para el caso de estudiantes nacionales o el visado de estudiante otorgado por la embajada o consulado del Perú en su país de origen y/o por la Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones para estudiantes extranjeros.
        7. Al adquirir el boleto de ingreso, el visitante acepta y da conformidad de lo establecido por el Reglamento de uso sostenible y visita turística para la conservación de Machupicchu (en adelante el “Reglamento”), disponible en https://busquedas.elperuano.pe/normaslegales/modifican-el-reglamento-de-uso-sostenible-y-visita-turistica-resolucion-ministerial-no-216-2018-mc-1657402-1/
      2. Horarios De Ingreso a la Ciudadela de Machupicchu
        1. La visita turística a la Ciudad Inca de Machu Picchu debe ser ordenada en un tiempo máximo de tres (03) y cuatro (04) horas a partir de su ingreso hasta su salida, entre las 6:00 y 16:00, conforme al registro respectivo (se cierra a las 17:30), a excepción de los ingresos que combinan con las rutas alternas 1: Montaña Waynapicchu y 2: Montaña Machupicchu.
        2. La venta de boletos será diferenciada según la hora de ingreso: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 y 16:00 horas.
      3. Requisitos para el Ingreso

        Para ingresar a Machupicchu los visitantes deberán portar su boleto de ingreso y documento oficial de identidad.

        1. Los documentos válidos para visitantes extranjeros son su pasaporte, carnet de extranjería, cédula diplomática o DNI para ciudadanos de la CAN y el MERCOSUR.
        2. Los estudiantes de origen extranjero hasta el nivel de pregrado deberán identificarse con su carné o constancia original vigente.
        3. La visita del museo de sitio Manuel Chávez Ballón de Machupicchu es gratuita entre las 12:00 y las 16:00 horas.
        4. Hay que reiterar que durante el recorrido por Machu Picchu no está permitido el reingreso a la ciudad Inca salvo por razones de fuerza mayor conforme al Art. 16 del Reglamento.
        5. Para más información los términos y condiciones establecidos en el Reglamento.
      1. Todo cliente que aborde el bus está obligado a presentar su Documento Oficial de Identidad o pasaporte, carné de extranjería según sea el caso. De no presentar el documento de identidad al revisar los boletos, no podrá abordar el bus, sin derecho de reembolso.
      2. El pasajero que cuente con un boleto que no corresponda a sus datos del documento de identidad, será anulado automáticamente y adquirirá uno nuevo, para poder abordar y continuar con su viaje.
      3. El boleto de viaje solo permite el transporte del pasajero y su equipaje de mano (bolso o mochila) con un peso no mayor a los 8 kilos o 17 libras.
      4. La salida de los buses está sujeta a cambios debido a las condiciones climatológicas y a las condiciones de ruta, que puedan perjudicar en la integridad física de nuestros usuarios.
      5. The train ticket to Machu Picchu Town in The First Class (frequency 43) service includes the private bus ticket from Machu Picchu Town to the Machu Picchu Sanctuary. The bus ticket must be used on the same train ticket date, and cannot be used on different dates.
      6. The train ticket to Cusco in The First Class (frequency 46) service includes the private bus ticket from the Machu Picchu Sanctuary to Machu Picchu Town. The bus ticket must be used on the same train ticket date, and cannot be used on different dates.
      7. The departure of the ascent bus is at 13:30 and return is at 17:30.
      1. Recepción y briefing por parte de PERU SIGHTSEEING en la estación de Aguas Calientes.
      2. De ser el caso, traslado del equipaje de los pasajeros a sus respectivos hoteles o a la oficina de PERU SIGHTSEEING.
      3. Presentación del guía asignado al grupo.
      4. Se entrega los equipos de audio inalámbricos en todos los servicios, sean estos compartidos o en privado (aplica solo para grupos de 5 o más personas), con el objetivo de facilitar la comunicación y brindar mayor comodidad y mejor servicio al cliente.
      5. Revisión de los boletos de ingreso a Machu Picchu por parte del guía a cargo.
      6. Información y asistencia en el traslado de los pasajeros a restaurantes, hoteles y en el embarque de retorno a Cusco.
      7. Las anulaciones se podrán recibir con 48 horas antes del servicio, no habrá costos por anulación, posterior a esa fecha no se podrán realizar anulaciones se considerará “no show”.

      Es el servicio de transporte de pasajeros, en los siguientes tramos y frecuencias:

      1. Lugar de Partida y llegada:
        1. Ida:

          Av. El Sol N°843, distrito, provincia y departamento de Cusco a la Estación de Ollantaytambo.

        2. Retorno:

          Estación de Ollantaytambo a la Av. El Sol N°843, distrito, provincia y departamento de Cusco.

      2. Horarios:


        CUSCO - MAPI

        41THE VOYAGER BIMODAL04:1006:1006:4008:01
        61THE 360° BIMODAL04:5006:5007:2208:48
        43THE FIRST CLASS BIMODAL08:4010:4011:1512:41
        Menú a bordo
        65THE 360° BIMODAL
        Menú a bordo
        67THE VOYAGER BIMODAL16:1518:4518:2721:09


        MAPI - CUSCO

        62THE 360° BIMODAL10:3212:1212:3214:32
        44THE VOYAGER BIMODAL14:3015:5616:3018:30
        64THE 360° BIMODAL19:0020:4121:0023:00
        46THE FIRST CLASS BIMODAL19:0020:4121:0023:00
        46THE VOYAGER BIMODAL19:0020:4121:0023:00
        68THE VOYAGER BIMODAL21:3022:5423:1501:15
      3. El Bus es prestado por un operador de transporte privado y distinto a Inca Rail, actuando Inca Rail solamente como intermediaria para la venta de dicho servicio y, por tanto, no se hace responsable por las condiciones comerciales prestadas por este operador de servicio contratado.
      4. Para cualquier consulta puede comunicarse con nuestro Chat en línea o llamar al Centro De Atención Telefónica 084 581860.
    • INCA RAIL includes “The 360° Machu Picchu Train" and “The First Class Machu Picchu Train” as part of its services. Both offer meals on board. Special meals can be ordered in advance for passengers with particular needs and/or food/medical restrictions. These special meals must be requested at least 72 hours before boarding the train. Please contact customer service for more information at the following e-mail address: consultas@incarail.com
    • Rates expressed in U.S. dollars and include VAT.
    • Rates valid for adult and minor passengers.
    • Rates valid for Peruvian and foreign passengers.
    • Rates valid on round trip and one-way services.
    • Promotion valid for web channels, ticket offices, extranet purchase, reservations through reservations executive (support with immediate payment).
    • Promotion valid for purchases made between 04/01/2021 and 06/30/2021.
    • Promotion valid for travel between 04/01/2021 and 06/30/2021.
    • One (1) minimum stock rate may be available for clients.They are also subject to availability, limited number of tickets.
    • Promotion valid on The Voyager Machu Picchu Train and The Voyager Premium Machu Picchu Train services.
    • Discounted rates allow cancelations up to 24 hours before the train departure. Cancellations subject to 10% for administrative expenses.
    • In order to adequately enable the continuity of the train service, maintaining user/passenger protection and minimizing the risk of contagion, the Ministry of Transport and Communications approved the “Sectoral Guidelines for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Passenger Rail Transport Services at National, Regional and Local Levels” by means of Ministerial Resolution No. 578-2020-MTC/01 (hereinafter “the Guidelines”). Accordingly, we provide the requirements, actions and recommendations to be taken into account for the train service:
      • Inca Rail, as a railway operator, will apply the provisions of the current sectorial regulations, regarding safety and health, being of a mandatory nature and compliance by passengers. For this purpose, the “Biosafety Protocols” found at the following link https://incarail.com/pdf/Inca-Rail_Bio_Seguridad.pdf should be reviewed, as well as the following general prevention measures:
        • Wear a mask and face shield at all times (this requirement is waived for people with special needs, newborns and infants).
        • Comply with controls at the points of service, when boarding, on board and disembarking the train.
        • Comply with the physical or digital presentation/delivery of the Affidavit(s) of Symptomatology File prior to boarding the train.
      • Inca Rail reserves the right to restrict boarding to persons who do not comply with the current regulations and the aforementioned Biosafety Protocols, in these cases
        • Inca Rail is released from responsibility if, as a result, the passenger is not able to board and does not access the contracted services
        • Inca Rail is not obliged to refund purchased tickets.
      • Inca Rail reserves the right to restrict boarding of cases declared as “suspicious” according to the symptoms stipulated in the current sectorial regulations.
      • Inca Rail, railway operator, is not responsible for the terms and conditions established in the resorts; therefore, we suggest that users/passengers review them before their purchase.
      • Inca Rail has policies of flexibility in view of the COVID-19, which can be found at the following link https://incarail.com/es/comunicado-flexibilidad.
    • When buying Tourist Packages in our website: https://incarail.com/en/, the user expresses his agreement and is bound by the terms and conditions specific to this service and the general ones (where applicable) established on this page, as well as in all applicable laws and regulations, according with current legislation.
    • The published prices of the tourist packages are expressed in North American Dollars and in national currency (Peruvian Sol – PEN), included all applicable taxes and fees.
    • The purchase of the tourist package can only be made through the Inca Rail website, it is not available for other sales channels.
    • It is allowed (excluding the train service which is regulated in the following section):
      • The cancellation of the Tourist Package in the following cases:
        Half Day City Tour Cusco with Sacsayhuaman Ruins.
        Full Day Authentic Sacred Valley.
        Full Day Hiking Humantay Lake.
        Full Day Trekking Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain.
        Private Tour to Pisac Ruins and Ollantaytambo Fortress.
        Private Tour to Maras and Moray.
        Private Tour to Tipon, Pikillacta and Andahuaylillas.
        Walking City Tour.
        Cusco By Night With Pisco Sour Lesson.
        Private mountain biking tour in Sacred Valley.
        Private Full Day Tour Condor Route.
        Private Excursion to Cachiccata with.
        Private Hiking Llama Trek Tour to Weavers Way.
        Full Day Private Tour to Misminay with Various Activities, Biking and Picnic.
        Private Full Day Tour to Queswachaca.
        Private Half Day Mountain Bike Tour in the Sacred Valley.
        With an anticipation of not less than 48 hours from the date of the service without penalty until March 26, 2021. After that date, they are allowed with an anticipation of not less than 72 hours of the service; the rate, as no show. Up to 48 hours before the start of the service as long as they are the same passengers in the reservation.
        Machu Picchu Express.
        Sunset at Machu Picchu.
        Machu Picchu Morning Tour.
        With less than 7 days before the date of the service, 100% of the rate is charged. Cancellations before 7 days have no penalty. (until March 26, 2021). Up to 7 days before the start of the service as long as they are the same passengers in the reservation.
        Humantay, Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu.
        Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu & Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain.
        Sunrise in Machu Picchu.
        Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.
        Cancellation without penalty for FITs (individual travelers) up to 7 days before arrival at destination and for groups, up to 15 days before arrival at destination. No penalty up to 24 hours before starting services (until December 22, 2020)
        Shared Inca Trail 4d/3n Tour.
        Shared Sun Trail and Salkantay 5d/4n Tour.
        Shared Inca Trail 2d/1n Tour.
        Cancellations are not accepted. Subject to availability
      • *It should be noted that, for reprogramming, the tickets purchased within the Tourist Package may be reprogrammed according to the availability of each tourist complex, otherwise it will be up to the user to buy a new ticket, applying the additional charge for it.
      • Changes of passenger data/information and ownership of the Tourist Package whenever it is requested seven (07) days in advance of the date and time set for the start of the service. For this purpose, you must communicate during open business hours from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm, by email: cdpaxdirecto@incarail.com.
    • In case of requesting only the cancellation of the train service, the postponement of the train travel date, the endorsement of the train ticket or the transfer of ownership, the user must notify us with no less anticipation 24 hours from the date and time scheduled for the start of this service. The return, refund, endorsement or transfer of the ticket will not proceed if it has been notified with less anticipation. In the case of postponement and/or cancellation of the Inca Rail service (as Railway Operator), you will have the right to charge ten percent of the value of the travel ticket. In the case of the endorsement or transfer of ownership of the acquired service, Inca Rail (as Railway Operator) will have the right to collect the expenses related to the issuance of the new ticket.
    • It is the passenger's responsibility to arrive on time for the departure of the train trips and the Tourist Package tours.
    • In case the client fails to comply with the established itinerary and this, causes delays, losses or other inconveniences, the client will be responsible for them.
    • In case the client does not show up for the trip and/or the tour, no refund will be made, considering this as a NO SHOW.
    • There will be no possibility of reimbursement when the services are in full execution and on a regular basis, and the client, voluntarily, decides not to continue with them.
    • Inca Rail does not assume obligation or responsibility for any cause not attributable to it, which consists of a fortuitous event or force majeure that prevents the execution of the service. Likewise, criteria for suspending the activity and/or the train service are: social problems (stoppages - strikes), natural disasters, an emergency zone decreed by the Peruvian State and conditions due to the unfit health of the passenger, which imply some risk to your life or put the health of other passengers at risk.
    • In general, every child between the ages of 0 and 12 needs a ticket to travel. However, adult passengers traveling with children between 0 and 36 months of age may request that they be exempted from paying the Tourist Package for the minor as long as the child travels in the arms of an adult passenger. For this, they must present the minor's ID or passport at any of our ticket offices at least one (1) hour before the train's departure time. If there is the case of an adult passenger traveling with two children between 0 and 36 months, the second child must occupy a seat, therefore, they must pay for a package and request a payment exemption for the first.
    • Inca Rail is not responsible for the terms and conditions, as well as the restrictions established in the tourist infrastructures (especially regarding the limitations of children under 12 years old); as a consequence, we suggest that users/passengers review them before purchasing.
    • The terms and conditions for train travel can be found at: https://incarail.com/en/terms-and-conditions.
    • Rates expressed in U.S. Dollars and include VAT.
    • Adult rates, for outward and/or return journey from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu and viceversa; for travel until 12/31/2022. Subject to availability of programmed spaces and limited capacity.
    • Promotion valid on our service: The Voyager.
    • The First Class rate includes additional Consettur Bus service (from Machu Picchu Pueblo to the Citadel).
    • Allows changes, cancellations and/or refunds. Total flexibility without penalties.
    • Tour Packages:
      • General Conditions
        1. Fees valid for purchase dates from July 22, 2021 to July 28, 2021, to travel from July 22, 2021 to December 30, 2021.
        2. Minimum available packages per person: 01
        3. Fees will be calculated in the purchase based on the number of passengers and, in case of 2 or more passengers, a discount will be applied.
        4. Fees are in American Dollars and include the general sales tax (I.G.V.).
        5. These promotional fees are not valid for: National Holidays (week of July 28, 29), Christmas, New Year (December 26 to January 02) and any long weekend resulting from these holidays.
      • Included
        1. Train, accommodation, tour tickets, meals and beverages mentioned in the trip description.
        2. All journeys include a tour guide in English and Spanish.
        3. Shared services: Groups up to a maximum of 15 passengers.
        4. Prices include entrance costs and tour tickets to certain historical, natural or religious monuments, many of them administrated by local authorities.
        5. The train service from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu and/or vice versa are subject to the following terms and conditions: https://incarail.com/es/terminos-y-condiciones.
      • Not included:
        1. Early check-in, late check-out, services and meals not mentioned in the itinerary, beverages during meals, hotel extras, and personal expenses.
        2. Domestic and international air tickets.
        3. Tour ticket to and from Cusco.
        4. Tips for the tour guides, drivers and waiters, if not specified in the description.
      • Responsibilities of passengers:
        1. Passengers are responsible for carrying the valid identity documents to make use of their tour package.
        2. Passengers are responsible to arrive on time to the itinerary established by the tour package; otherwise, they may later join the tour by their own account (transportation) and refund will not be applied if service is not used.
    • Train conditions
      1. Fees valid for adult and child passengers for a one-way ticket from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu and vice versa.
      2. Valid for the services of The Voyager Premium Machu Picchu Train Lounge and The 360° Machu Picchu Train.
      3. Subject to availability of scheduled seats.
    • Hotel conditions
      1. Valid from 1 to 9 rooms maximum for individual reservations (standard rooms).
      2. Double rooms are subject to hotel availability, (copy voucher text); otherwise the reservation of double TWIN room is automatically confirmed (separate beds).
      3. For comfort, triple rooms are not recommended. Triple rooms are made up by a twin room + additional bed.
      4. Breakfast (6:00 a 10:00), gym access, Wi-Fi and welcome drink are included.
      5. Children below 12 years old free of charge. Maximum 2 children may share bed with parents for free.
      6. Passengers may choose a box breakfast to take out if the train hours interfere with the breakfast time.
    • Policies of Cancellations and Rescheduling:
      1. When purchasing through our website: https://incarail.com, the user agrees to our terms and conditions of this service and the general terms and conditions (where applicable) provided in this page, as well as the applicable laws and regulations, in accordance with the current legislation. Among them:
      2. The following is allowed (excluding the train service which is regulated by its own terms and conditions):
        1. Modifications of the information of the passenger, ownership and trip date, provided that it is requested seven (07) days before the service, and is valid to December 30, 2021. For this purpose, you must communicate with us from Mondays to Fridays 9 AM to 7 PM and Saturdays 9 AM to 2 PM, or writing to email: cdpaxdirecto@incarail.com.
        2. Charges will not apply if cancellation is made with at least 7 days before the trip date. Otherwise, 100% penalty is applied.
        3. Cancellation fees do not apply in cases of force majeure and/or acts of God nationwide (mandatory quarantine, prohibition of flights, etc.).