Luggage policies

Hours of operation: Monday to Sunday from 06:00 hours to 00:00 hours, without exception.

Custody service

Passengers are responsible for taking due care of their luggage before boarding and disembarking from the train. Any loss of hand or other luggage in the station or elsewhere outside the train will be the sole responsibility of the passenger, and INCA RAIL will accept no responsibility or liability thereto.

INCA RAIL carriages / vans do not have luggage racks on board. Each travel ticket entitles its bearer to board the train / vans with only one piece of hand luggage (backpack, handbag, or briefcase) weighing no more than 08 kg/17 lb and with dimensions of no more 46 linear inches / 118 linear cm (height + length + width).

Inca Rail will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to valuables inside passenger‘s luggage

Custody service

Custody Service

Inca Rail offers the Luggage Custody Service to users of the train service, this service is only available at our Ollantaytambo ticket office. When delivering the luggage in custody to Inca Rail the user declares that he/she is the owner of the baggage provided. Likewise, when delivering the baggage, the user declares that he/she has read and accepted the terms and conditions.

  1. When leaving the luggage/packages, the user must declare the contents of each baggage.
  2. The user declares to know and accept that he/she/they will not leave in custody baggage which content is prohibited.z
  3. Each baggage must have a lock (or security mechanism) that prevents it from being opened by a person other than the user.
  4. It is INCA RAIL's right, at its sole discretion, not to accept a baggage if it verifies that it does not comply with the conditions established.
  5. In addition, INCA RAIL may request the user to open his/her/theirs baggage in order to verify compliance with the conditions established.

The following items will not be accepted for the Custody Service:

  1. Baggage containing flammable or perishable materials, exhaling odors or that may cause deterioration of the infrastructure or damage to other baggage/packages deposited.
  2. Money, jewelry, precious metals, business samples or documents and objects with a joint value greater than US$ 100.00 (One Hundred Dollars of the United States of America).
  3. Baggage in bad condition may be rejected.
  1. After thirty (30) calendar days from the date of delivery proposed by the User, unclaimed baggage shall be understood as abandoned.
  2. In that sense, the User declares that once the term described in the preceding clause has passed, it authorizes Inca Rail to proceed with the sale and/or destruction and/or retention of the baggage and their contents. The User declares to be aware of the scope of this clause, reason why he waives any right to reimbursement or compensation for the same.