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Inca Rail took extra miles to evacuate us from Machu Picchu.
Tripadvisor review: Inca Rail

We bought Inca Rail return tickets Cusco - Macchu Picchu and Machu Picchu - Ollantaytambo for Dec 10, 2022 (bimodal service) and Dec 13 respectively. The service, starting from the check in process and waiting lounge in Cusco, on the bus to Ollantaytambo, waiting lounge in Ollantaytambo and disembarkation in Aguas Calientes, was good. The people were all friendly and helpful. On the night of Dec 12, 2022 as we were about to go to sleep, we got a whatsapp message from Inca Rail informing us that at 23.00 they will evacuate us to Ollantaytambo because starting the next day (Dec 13) they had to suspend operation due to the wide spread violent protests occuring in Cusco and other regions following the impeachment of the former Peru president. Within half an our later with about 20 other Inca Rail ticket holders we were at the Aguas Calientes station which got opened just to accomodate us. The Inca Rail people seemed to be busy comminicating by phone. Check in was fast and the train left at about 23.15, While on train, an Inca Rail staff announced that the company had decided not only taking us to Ollantaytambo but would avail a bus transporting us to Cusco at no cost. He also offered to help finding us a hotel in Cusco should we need one. As we approached Ollantaytambo station, the train stopped. Inca Rail staff announced that we had to disembark there and go to the bus as the train could not move further. Apparently there was a group of people garhering by a bon fire in the middle of the rails seemingly blocking trains from entering the station. We had to walk shortly along the train side and on rails to get to the bus. Inca Rail people were quite helpful in showing the way, providing flash light as it was dark and made sure everybody was safely inside the bus. A few police officers were also helping. It was a tense situation. There was a car piloting our bus sometimes through narrow unpaved roads to avoid road blockades. We arrived in Cusco at about 3 am and was taken to a hotel near Plaza de Armas. A hotel staff was already waiting and readily checked us in. If not for Inca Rail’s bold move and extra miles customer service we would have still been stranded in Aguas Calientes. All trains to Machu Picchu have been suspended since Dec 13 for an indefinite period as a result of the political turmoils which did not look to end soon. We cannot thank Inca Rail enough. While we bought Inca Rail tickets simply because of its user friendly website, this experience showed us that Inca Rail genuinely cared for its customers and was prepared to take extraordinary measures to meet its customers’ needs.

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