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Amaze yourself with the Humantay lagoon in Cusco

Amaze yourself with the Humantay lagoon in Cusco

Among the 12,000 lakes and lagoons that exist throughout Peru, there is one that has gained great fame among travelers in recent years. It is Humantay, a lagoon of Cusco surrounded by peaks and crystal clear waters.

For trekking and nature lovers, the adventure to Humantay is a must in the visit to Cusco and its surroundings.

Do you want to feel the power of the Andes accompanying you on this journey? We tell you everything you have to know to visit this beautiful place!


How is the Humantay Lagoon?

The beauty of the Humantay lagoon is, as we have told you previously, in the snowy mountains that surround it and the crystalline waters with intense green and blue tones.

This lagoon is located 120 km northwest of Cusco, in the Cordillera de Vilcabamba and 4200 meters above sea level! This height makes the climate very cold and, in addition, can cause soroche or altitude sickness.


How to get to the Humantay Lagoon?

As occurs with many other excursions around Cusco, the best option to get to Humantay Lagoon is to hire a tour with an official tourist agency.


If you ask in several agencies of the Plaza de Armas and its surroundings, you can check that all offer very similar services and prices. In the case of the Humantay lagoon, the tour price ranges between S/ 100 and S/ 120 (US $ 30-36), to which you must add the price of the ticket to the lagoon: S/ 5 (US$ 1.5) for Peruvians and S/ 10 (US$ 3) for foreigners.

The tour bus will pick you up around 4:30 in the morning at your hotel, to start with the first leg of the route, which goes from Cusco to Mollepata and takes around 2:30 hours.

Even if you are tired and you want to sleep during this part of the trip, the incredible landscape will catch you with its beauty.

Once in Mollepata, you will make a stop to have breakfast, which is usually included in the tour, and thus recharge the batteries for the demanding trek that is coming. Afterwards, you will get back on the bus to reach Soraypampa, at 3900 meters above sea level and where the trekking starts.

The route from Soraypampa to the Humantay lagoon has 3 km, but it is steep and high, so is normal to slow down and take about two hours to reach the goal.

Once in the lagoon, open your eyes wide and enjoy every detail of this wonder of nature. You will want to take a thousand photos from all angles!

Back in Mollepata, all the tours make a stop to eat local food. After spending so much energy, a dish of Peruvian food will be everything your body needs!

On average, the Humantay Lagoon tour lasts around 15 hours, so it will be a full day of your trip to Cusco dedicated to this excursion. It is totally worth it!




The trekking to the Humantay lagoon is demanding and it is advisable to go well prepared to enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some tips:

  • The climate in the lagoon is mainly cold, so we recommend you take warm clothing but light, so you do not have to carry a lot of weight during the walk. Also, as the trekking progresses, you will start to need less clothe, so it is important that you wear a t-shirt for that moment.
  • Do the trekking with slip-resistant and comfortable shoes, as well as a sun hat.
  • Bring enough water to keep you hydrated all the way.
  • Avoid soroche or altitude sickness by taking a pill or a tea or coca leaves.
  • Make the tour when you have a few days in Cusco, so the height will not affect you as much.
  • Although breakfast and lunch are almost always included in the tour, it is always good to bring some food in case you find yourself very tired: nuts, fruit, chocolate
  • Always make tours with official agencies, which are perfectly equipped, and thus avoid any type of inconvenience.

Humantay, Salkantay, Rainbow Mountain, Inca Trail, Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain, Choquequirao… Cusco is full of exciting routes for trekking lovers. Choose the one you want to explore and enjoy the adventure!