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How to get to the Peruvian jungle from Cusco?

How to get to the Peruvian jungle from Cusco?

Did you know that 60% of Peruvian territory is made up of jungle? The Amazon rise in our country and we have some unique species in the world. The jungle, without doubt, is one of the most beautiful parts of Peru and, for that reason, it is an essential trip for many of those who visit us.

However, it can be difficult to choose which area visit, since many people do not have enough time to go to places like Iquitos, a city that does not have access by road.

If Cusco is your main destination in your trip to Peru and you want to also know the jungle, here we tell you the nearest areas and the best options to enjoy a few days of adventure and a lot of nature.

Manu National Park


The Manu National Park, located in the departments of Cusco and Madre de Dios, is one of the places with the greatest biodiversity in the world and was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

With almost two million hectares, the park borders on the east with the Andes and on the west with the basin of the Amazon rainforest. For this reason, Manu National Park has both tropical forest and areas that reach 4000 meters above sea level.

In this place live native populations and 30 peasant communities that speak quechua with a great variety of animals in total respect with nature. The great variety of animals is reflected, for example, in the 221 species of mammals that inhabit the park, among which is the otorongo or the black tiger. Likewise, more than 1000 species of birds, 140 of amphibians, 1300 of butterflies and up to 30 million of insects, among many other animals, have been registered in the park.

In addition, in the Manu National Park is located the Three Crosses viewpoint, a place where you can enjoy one of the best sunrises and from which you can see both the Andean highlands and the cloud forest.

The trip to the Manu National Park lasts 10 hours from Cusco. To access it, you will have to hire the services of a tourism agency, because you can not get inside freely. But do not worry, on the Internet or in the city of Cusco you can find several companies that offer this service and organize the entire trip and excursions within the park.


Tambopata National Reserve

tambopata_inca_railTambopata National Reserve is located to the east of the Manu National Park. Here inhabit a large number of species, although in lower numbers than Manu.

The main attraction of the Tambopata National Reserve is Lake Sandoval, where live 1000 species of birds, 6500 species of fish and other attractive animals such as the giant otter, the black alligator and the macaws.

To get to this lake, you will have to take a boat in the city of Puerto Maldonado and travel the Madre de Dios River for 25 minutes, then take a 45-minute walk.

To get to Puerto Maldonado from Cusco you can do it by bus or by plane. If you opt for the land route, it will take you around 12 hours, and if you do it by air, it will take you less than an hour.

For excursions in any part of the Peruvian jungle, we recommend that you always hire the services of a travel agency, as the experience will be more complete and you will always be guided by the paths of the jungle. Getting these services is very simple: you can do it in Cusco or in the same city of Puerto Maldonado; there are countless agencies that offer multi-day tours to explore the fauna and flora of this area of Peru.

Bahuaja Sonene National Park

Starting from Puerto Maldonado you can also reach the Bahuaja Sonene National Park, an area less known than the previous ones but with great natural interest since it is the only tropical humid savanna that exists in Peru.

In addition, like the parks of which we spoke previously, it has a great biodiversity of fauna and flora among which highlights the wolf of mane, the deer of the marshes and the giant anteater, among other species.

To get to this park from Cusco, you will have to travel to Puerto Maldonado by bus or by plane and then take a boat to travel the river for four or five hours.

Any experience in the Peruvian jungle will make you live days you will never forget, surrounded by nature and tranquility. The perfect plan to finish your vacations in Peru!