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How to travel with your pet

How to travel with your pet

There are many questions when deciding whether to travel with your pet or leave it at home while you are on vacation, or if you have an emergency and would not want to leave it alone at home during your absence. But the most exciting question is… How can we not share these experiences with our faithful companion?

Here we present the best recommendations to be able to undertake that trip with your pet.

Take every precaution, in advance and welcome aboard!

First tips

  • Prepare the trip in advance, a couple of months is ideal.
  • Adapt your pet little by little for the hours of travel.

What are the most requested documents?

  • Updated health card.
  • Passport for pets.
  • Certificate of good health.

Travelling by plane


  • Each country requires certain documents for the entry of your pet, find out what they are.
  • Ask your veterinarian for help with all the paperwork.
  • Choose a kennel appropriate to the measures and requirements of the airline.

Pets weighing more than 20 pounds travel in the hold.

If your pet goes in the cabin, use a canil-mochila.

For the flight:

  • Take a blanket to relieve the cold of your pet during the trip.
  • On stopovers, take your pet for a walk.

Travelling by car

As a rule, it is understood that the pet must not have direct contact with the driver.


  • Start progressively with short car rides.
  • Stop from time to time to give your pet a little rest.
  • Bring a toy, water and food for breaks along the way.

How can you take it?

  • In a kennel that can go on the floor of the car or in the seats.
  • With a grid as a barrier between the pet and the driver.
  • And finally, wearing a dog safety belt.

Get your pet on board after you have assembled all your luggage.

During the trip:

  • Don’t drive in a hurry, or make sudden changes. It can be traumatic.
  • Prevent your pet from sticking its head out the window, as it can be dangerous.

Latest tips

  • Keep in mind that exotic pets have more restrictions than domestic pets.
  • Look for companies dedicated to the mobilization of pets, it will serve you very much.
  • Don’t compromise your pet if they have breathing difficulties or are brachiocephalic.


travel with your pet 


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