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Why Travel to Cusco during Rainy Season?

Why Travel to Cusco during Rainy Season?

As you plan your Peru vacation, one of the first details you may consider is figuring out what time of year has the best weather, especially if planning to visit Machu Picchu and the rest of the Sacred Valley. While it is true that many agencies recommend traveling during the dry season (May to October), there are several reasons why the Cusco rainy season (November to April) is just as attractive.


Less crowded

Cusco rainy season brings with it less tourists as the hoards are trying to plan their trips for sunnier days. What does this mean for you? More room to move about at various archaeological sites, less people in the backgrounds of your treasured pictures, and the chance to develop a more intimate connection with the natural surroundings and yourself, just to name a few.

Warmer temperatures

Another plus of Cusco rainy season is warmer weather! From November to April it is summertime in the southern hemisphere, meaning daytime and nighttime temperatures are slightly higher than dry season (during the wintertime). Fill up the room saved in your luggage from not having to bring as many sweaters with souvenirs for you and your family.


Wider variety of options

Tickets for some of the most popular attractions within and outside of Cusco go flying during the dry season, making it necessary for those tourists to book months in advance in order to secure their vacation plans. However, this is not the case during Cusco rainy season. Because there are less people, there is less demand, meaning travelers during the rainy season in Cusco can indulge in a flexibility known to few.

More affordable  

Likewise, traveling during Cusco’s rainy season when there are fewer vacationers means that you can find the best prices for tours, hotels, food, and more. With what you save, you can splurge on something you had originally not been planning to partake in, such as an additional excursion or a taste-testing extravaganza in one of Cusco’s many restaurants. Convinced yet?


Lusher landscapes

Cusco’s rainy season brings with it lusher landscapes from increased precipitation. (Rest assured that this precipitation does not persist all day, yet may come in spurts throughout the day.) The landscapes that were once dry and brown turn into a lush green that extends far outside of Cusco and into the Andean mountains, right where Machu Picchu sits.

With our bimodal service, transportation to Machu Picchu during the Cusco rainy season is just as safe and convenient as any other time of year. And, as you’ve seen, there are plenty of advantages to traveling to Cusco during the rainy season. The options available in and around the ancient Inca capital are limited only by one’s imagination.