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These are 4 must see destinations in Cusco

These are 4 must see destinations in Cusco

While wondering about Cusco, we immediately think in our way to Machu Picchu, but when we schedule our trip we save some extra days for covering more destinations in this magical city. Since it was founded, Cusco has being the protagonist of numerous cultural miscegenation, being the most important the one with the Spanish conquerors. Consequence of this encounter of two worlds, several native constructions were restructured to serve better to their religious and political needs. Now, Cusco is the cultural reflex of a process of enriching fusion that left behind lot of architectonical designs worthy of our admiration.

These are 4 must see visits while you are in Cusco

Plaza de Armas

It doesn’t matter if you want to visit it or not, it’s inevitable that sometime you are going to visit the Plaza de Armas, whether it is because the recommendation of one of the friendly locals or because you found it on a list like this, the Plaza de Armas is always one of those places you are going to visit.

The Plaza de Armas history goes back to the Incas when it was known by the name of Huacaypata. In that time this square has almost the double of its actual size and was used for an important religious role for ceremonies. This was because, in histories about its origin, this square is placed in the center of the Inca empire, years later this history will become in the famous title of Cusco: the navel of the world. Today, La Plaza de Armas it’s the meeting point of tourist because it’s full of local and international artist, with the will of entertain another tourist looking for dance, music or juggling.

La Catedral

La Catedral is one of the best examples of engineering and colonial art in South America. The history of this church it’s full of controversy because the stones used for rise it up, where stolen from Sacsayhuamán – one of the most important and symbolic Inca structures. From the inside, La Catedral it’s a completely luxury with gold and silver finishes, beside this you can find a vast collection of colonial art that will let you travel in time to know the process of cultural fusion lived by the people of Cusco 500 years ago.


Visiting Qorikancha it’s like visitng a film-set that shows the best of the lifestyle of the Inca elite. Qorinkancha it’s also known as the “Golden court”, was occupied with more than 4 thousand members of the highest cleric state. But that’s not the only reason why it was called the golden court, the name has a stretch relationship with how the walls of the temple were covered with gold. After the Spanish conquest, the gold was removed from the temple and the infrastructure was used as the base for another Spanish building.

Pre Colombine Art Museum

Even if this place wasn’t built with the same purpose as the other destinations, will serve you with the same functionality: to help you to discover the history of the Incas. This museum is sited in an old mansion built in 1580. Inside its 12 exhibit rooms you’ll be able to find more than 400 artifacts that goes from ceramics to jewelry from 1250 B.C.   

As you can see, Cusco has a lot more to offer to everyone that it is ready to know it better. Remember to keep using the hashtag #IncaRail while posting your pictures and you’ll have the possibility to appear in our pages.