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Visit the Andahuaylillas Chapel, the Sistine Chapel of America

Visit the Andahuaylillas Chapel, the Sistine Chapel of America

One of the best kept secrets of Cusco is the Temple of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas, also known as “the Sistine Chapel of America”.

This is a place that you definitely have to visit when you come to Peru, so if you have the opportunity to spend several days in the province of Cusco, besides going to Machu Picchu, we recommend you to go to this village located about 35 Km from Cusco city.

The renowned temple was built by the Jesuits in 1580, and what is most impressive is that its facade does not warn you what you will find inside: a space full of incredible and inspirational religious art pieces, like paintings, sculptures and carvings of baroque inspiration.


It is also very interesting to know that the bases of this church are blocks of stone from the Inca Palace, previously built in the same place. This was a practice that was repeated during the time of colonization, where the Spaniards managed to impose their religion above the Andean customs that prevailed in the region.

In fact, the murals of the so-called “Sistine Chapel of America,” which have earned the recognition of Outstanding Monument by the World Monuments Fund, contain religious images that sought to instill Christianity into the Incas. The artist of this great work was the parish priest and linguist Juan Pérez de Bocanegra.

To get to this village you can go by Taxi from Cusco for an approximate price of S / 30 ($ 10) or go on buses that depart every 10 minutes from Uradero’s Paradero, on Avenida de la Cultura. The cost of the bus is approximately S / 3.50 ($1)