Paquete Packages

Trains to Machu Picchu

INCA RAIL ensures a safe and memorable trip experience all its trains. High operational quality, service, and attention to every single detail guarantee the best option to travel by train to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. We have 3 service levels:



The Presidential Service of INCA RAIL is designed for travelers seeking privacy, luxury, and utmost comfort. It is the only private service in the Machu Picchu route. Its capacity is only for 8 people and has a finely decorated room that highlights beautiful images of Peruvian culture.

The car also has a bar on board, in which passengers will be offered an assorted variety of cocktails and drinks accompanied by a spectacular tasting menu, designed to delight the most discerning palates.



This exclusive service offers maximum comfort and space on board. With only 30 passengers per car, this service has spacious and comfortable seats, which have been carefully designed to ensure complete comfort of our passengers, who are greeted with a delicious welcome drink and a fine hand towel scented with natural essences to freshen up before starting the trip.

Then you can enjoy a fine selection of gourmet dishes prepared with Andean ingredients paired with a glass of wine. Finally, the extraordinary culinary experience offered by INCA RAIL ends with a delicious dessert and a fine selection of delicious teas and herbal infusions.


THE 360

Experience a unique way to travel to Machu Picchu, exploring the Andean landscape like never before with wider and taller panoramic windows and an observation outdoor carriage including a bar. The only train in Peru with an entertainment app on board which will allow you to learn more about the train journey and the Inca civilization.

Enjoy our appetizing selection of cold and warm drinks, prepared using fruit juices and Andean herbs, and our delicious gourmet snack.



This service has been created for those passengers seeking comfort and relaxation. The cars have capacity for 42 people, comfortable seats with tables, and panoramic windows that allow passengers to enjoy the wonderful scenery all the way.

During the trip passengers, will enjoy relaxing background music and can choose from a wide selection of delicious hot and cold drinks made with exotic blends of flavors that include Andean ingredients.